• many floor plan solutions
  • good isolation of the premium panel
  • economy and top of the line design
  • ideal for luxury tourism

Polymobil PREMIUM offers a very good isolation panel, made of wood in the thickness of 60 mm, which can also be ordered in a thicker version as an option. The facade can be manufactured in one of the many colours or a combination thereof.

Houses may, according to your wishes, be partially or fully covered in stone, which will turn your house into a proper local one, as the stone may be adjusted to the local style (Istrian stone, Dalmatian stone, Tuscany stone…). Optionally, we may place your logo onto the facade.

POLYMOBIL PREMIUM enables quality living as it is made of environmentally friendly materials.

5,5 - 8,5 m 3 - 4 m 6 + 2
Mobile house with a facade in the colours and versions that you choose


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