• individual mobile house

You may choose from a varied selection of accessories and options for your mobile house, which will all increase usefulness and comfort and make your mobile house an individual one.

We can make almost every wish come true.

  • Facade cover partly or entirely in Istrian, Tuscany or any other stone type you desire
  • Decorative element, thickened parts of the outer facade
  • Terrace and massage pool
  • Larger sliding or classically opening doors, larger windows
  • Functional and decorative shutters, mosquito nets, roller blinds, blinds on windows and doors, plush blinds
  • Decorative protective undercarriages
  • Stone inlay of inner walls, visible glued wood, heated floor
  • Isolation and heating of plumbing pipes (winter kit)
  • Glass – ceramics or induction cooking plate, microwave oven, electric oven, dishwasher
  • Soft closing of inner furniture walls and drawers
  • Electric heating, Gas heating TRUMA
  • Bathtub, gas water heater, built in toilet cistern, electric water heater, washing machine,
  • Air recovery, bathroom fan with automatic shutters
  • Additional bunk bed, built in wardrobes
  • Alarm system, window sensors for the shutdown of certain electric appliances
  • Air conditioning, safe, switches with LED lights
  • House adapted to the needs of disabled individuals
  • Ski box


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