Polymobil SUPERIOR is a line of mobile houses of a higher standard, which satisfy the wishes and needs of even the most demanding clients - including guests who use the houses for vacations.

36 - 80 m2 4 m 6 + 2
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Polymobil PREMIUM offers a very good isolation panel, made of wood in the thickness of 60 mm, which can also be ordered in a thicker version as an option. The facade can be manufactured in one of the many colours or a combination thereof.

5,5 - 8,5 m 3 - 4 m 6 + 2
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Blue line

Mobile houses Polymobil BLUE LINE are made of a panel in the composition sheet metal / polystyrene / sheet metal, in the thickness of 45 mm. The houses are functional, bright and offer everything necessary for carefree vacation of a couple, family or a group of friend.

5,5 - 8,5 m 3 - 4 m 6 + 2
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Utility unit

We can create a mobile house for various purposes:  Sanitary buildings  Offices  Receptions  Stores  Bakeries  Hospitality buildings  Dispensaries  Massage parlours  Saunas Should you want to place your activity in a mobile house, contact us and entrust us your desired floor plan. We will make an effort in studying and manufacturing it.

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You may choose from a varied selection of accessories and options for your mobile house, which will all increase usefulness and comfort and make your mobile house an individual one. We can make almost every wish come true. Facade cover partly or entirely in Istrian, Tuscany or any other stone type you desire Decorative element, […]

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