Superior Aurora

4 + 2 62 m2 2 × bedroom
2 × bathroom
kitchen, adapted for access by disabled persons
adapted for access by disabled persons Catalog

Two residential sets, placed side by side, have been united into our new offer with a partial offset of the transverse lines.
The offset gives us room for a spacious terrace on one side. The offset on the other side is intended for the parking of a vehicle. The optional addition of a canopy is also quite simple.
Large glass exit doors and a panoramic window offer pleasant lighting of the living room, including the kitchen with a dining table and extendable sofa.
Both bedrooms have separate glass exit doors, providing light to the spaces.
One bedroom has a passage to a smaller bathroom, while the other, larger bathroom is right next to the passage between the living and sleeping areas.
From the outside of the house, a special area may be accessed, which can be used as a pantry, a bicycle storage area,…
Aurora, with well thought out and processed details and a fashionable design, offers a very pleasant living environment.


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