Advantages Of Mobile Houses Polymobil

Product Certificate
All houses are made in accordance with the EN norms EN1647, EN1649 and EN721. We have also certified the norms with the product certificate BUREAU VERITAS.
Adaptability in the construction of a mobile house
• Floor plan according to the wishes of the client.
• Roof incline according to the wishes of the client.
• Wall isolation POLYMOBIL is 60 mm serially, but can be upgraded up to 200 mm according to the wishes of the client.
• Serial roof isolation is 100 mm – we can upgrade it if requested.
• Windows and doors are made of PVC profiles and with termopan (double) glass.
• The roof construction capacity is 150 kg/m2 and can be increased upon request.
• Colour of furniture, outer facade, textile and colour of roofing are all up to the customer.
• 100 % hot galvanized chassis. No wooden elements in the chassis. No additional welding of the chassis. Welding is all carried out before the hot galvanization process. Thus, the chassis is safe from decay and insect attacks. The chassis has a number of wheels and reinforcements, adjusted to the individual project.
Ecology in the manufacture of Polymobil houses
• we use environmentally friendly materials which can be recycled
• we build in domestic appliances with energy use evaluation A+
• optionally, the house can be equipped with air conditioning sensors on the doors and windows
• optionally, we may install a card or a key, which switches electricity in the house only when users are present.
Professional mobile house service
• We can organise transportation and setting up of the mobile house at your location
• We offer the possibility to ensure spare parts, accessories and an efficient service in all markets.
Your opinion means a lot to us
• You, the clients, are very important to us, so we would like to thank you for all feedback and experience which provided us with the drive for daily progress and new innovation.


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