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Passive mobile houses are a novelty on the market. Comfort, minimal heat loss and very low costs of living (heating in winter time and cooling in summertime) are the primary advantages of this house. All materials, used for it, are of the energy saving kind.

We have devoted special attention to the external appearance of the passive mobile house as well, which is reflected in an image of classic construction. The facade is not merely a decoration of the house, but assumes the role of several layers of protection, which must protect before external influences, as well as release moisture from inside the house. You may choose from a selection of over 200 different colours of facade covers.

Another advantage of our mobile houses is that, upon agreement, we may change the floor plan of the house and the size of the rooms within to suit your needs. There is also a large selection of accessories available for the house.

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Experience the perfection of comfort with a mobile passive house for your vacation, weekend... while it also offers the possibility of year-round residence.



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